Eritrean officials dispute Ethiopia's claims of victoryADDIS...


Eritrean officials dispute Ethiopia's claims of victory

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Ethiopia said yesterday that it had captured more ground in a third day of clashes with its neighbor, Eritrea, but Eritrean officials said the report was just propaganda aimed at voters in Ethiopia's nationwide elections yesterday.

The fighting along the nations' disputed border is a resumption of an exceptionally fierce two-year war. Last night, Ethiopian newscasts all but claimed victory on the westernmost front.

In two years of sporadic fighting, at least 20,000 soldiers are estimated to have died.

Zimbabwean farmer dies after shooting

HARARE, Zimbabwe - A white farmer died yesterday from injuries sustained in a shooting farm leaders say was linked to ruling party militants. He was the 19th person killed by political violence in the past two months.

David Hasluck, head of the Commercial Farmers Union, called the shooting Thursday of John Weeks, 65, "definitely political." He said Weeks' attackers are tied to the militants who have occupied more than 1,000 white-owned farms in the past three months in protest of the land disparity between Zimbabwe's whites and blacks.

Council to announce recount results in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran - An Iranian supervisory council that has threatened to annul election results in the capital said yesterday it would announce the results of its recount this week.

Initial results showed reformers winning 29 of the 30 seats in Tehran. But the 12-member Guardian Council, which is dominated by hard-liners opposed to reform, alleged widespread fraud, an allegation denied by the Interior Ministry, which backs the reformers and has jointly supervised the elections with the council.

Man denies involvement in 'Love Bug' outbreak

MANILA, Philippines - Saying he was surprised and hurt to be called a possible suspect, a young Filipino computer graduate proclaimed his innocence yesterday in the "Love Bug" outbreak that snarled e-mail worldwide.

Michael Buen's lawyer said his client had submitted to questioning by the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation and was willing to cooperate further if asked.

45 feared dead in India after bus falls into canal

AMRITSAR, India - A passenger bus went out of control and tumbled into a huge canal yesterday in northern India, police said. Forty-five passengers were feared drowned.

Another eight people were rescued and hospitalized with serious injuries, police said. Rescuers have recovered 12 bodies.

Putin's plans to boost Kremlin control approved

MOSCOW - Several regional governors cautiously approved yesterday President Vladimir V. Putin's plans to boost central control of Russia by appointing seven top Kremlin representatives to oversee the regions.

The decree, announced Saturday, is part of Putin's campaign to restore strong Kremlin control over regional leaders.

Still, none of the governors indicated yesterday they were ready to give up any of their powers over the local economy and tax revenue.

Liechtenstein denies widespread corruption

VADUZ, Liechtenstein - The tiny principality of Liechtenstein said yesterday that it is not completely corrupt despite the arrests of many of its prominent citizens in a money-laundering sweep.

The arrests began Thursday in an unprecedented police action in this country of 32,000 people.

Officials have said that some of those arrested are believed to have connections to the Russian mafia and Latin American drug cartels.

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