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Baseball and softball suddenly a juggling act


Lauren Koutrelakos last night canceled her hair appointment for tomorrow afternoon, even though her prom is later that evening at Martin's West.

Instead of getting their hair styled, Koutrelakos and her softball teammates will be at Catoctin in Frederick County tomorrow for a 3 p.m. Class 1A South regional first-round playoff game.

"We thought we were going to play Saturday, but they changed it back," Koutrelakos said last night. "It's just a mess."

When the seedings came out last Thursday, Glenelg's baseball and softball teams were scheduled to open the playoffs tomorrow at 4 p.m. at Catoctin. But the host school agreed to move the games to Saturday afternoon at Glenelg's request.

Yesterday afternoon, however, that all changed.

Both athletic directors were informed that the state office would not allow the baseball teams to play Saturday.

"The state won't bend on baseball because of the pitching rule that limits the number of innings pitched for a player over a three-day period and over a seven-day period," said Glenelg athletic director Mike Williams. "The rule says you can pitch 10 innings in three days and 14 innings in a seven-day period.

"It's a good rule. It's not only for safety but for equality to insure coaches are not manipulating the schedule to set up their best pitcher."

Glenelg baseball coach Tom Thrasher took the decision in stride.

"I'm not upset or bitter about it," he said. "We have to play Friday because of the pitching rule."

Thrasher added: "We've encouraged their parents to come and take them back right away so they can make it to the prom. It's not as tough on the boys because all they have to do to get ready is shower and put on their monkey suits."

Williams had hoped to keep the softball game on Saturday, but was told by Catoctin athletic director Tom Sherald that its players already had been informed that the game was back to Friday.

Glenelg softball coach Dean Sheridan informed his team of the situation after yesterday's game against Long Reach was stopped in the second inning by rain.

"They showed me tremendous character this afternoon," said Sheridan. "They all said they were going to play."

But it wasn't easy.

"Everything was perfect," said Koutrelakos, a junior shortstop. "We weren't going to stay out late Friday, and we would be ready to play Saturday. We're all pretty shocked. It's very disappointing."

Catoctin softball coach Sue Weaver said her team played in the state tournament on prom day a few years ago. She admitted it's difficult to do.

"I've been there. I know how terrible it is," said Weaver. "I think the girls have too much to focus on."

Despite many girls giving up hair appointments and limousine rides to dinner, Koutrelakos said the Gladiators will be ready.

"If we lose to Catoctin, they will have beaten us twice," Koutrelakos said. "They would have ruined our prom and ruined our playoffs. If anything, this will make us want to win more."


Mount Hebron won its sixth straight county golf club title this spring with a 19-2 record, and capped its dominance last week when Scott Zielinski shot 72 to win the stroke play championship.

Zielinski's teammate, Jeff Castle, finished second with a 75. The remaining order was: Josh Notes, Oakland Mills, 72; Jim Evans, Centennial, 80; Matt Laun, Mount Hebron, 83; Tyler Hairston, River Hill, 86; Adam Boarman, Mount Hebron, 88; Scott Spranklin, Oakland Mills, 88.

Staff writer Rick Belz contributed to this article.

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