4th-grader as composer; Student achiever


Student achiever: Carolyn Rosinsky, 9

School: Clarksville Elementary School

Special achievement: After reaching the top in Howard County for her music entry in the Reflections contest, Carolyn won first place in the state for composing a musical piece for the cello.

What she says about it: "I was excited when my mom told me that I won for the whole state. The principal had called her while I was still at school. When I won for Howard County, I thought I might win because I placed second last year and first the year before. I was excited to get the certificate and ribbon for that. Now I am looking forward to the awards ceremony for winning first place in the state. It's fun to compose and hear how it sounds."

Other activities: Playing piano and cello in the Peabody Chil-dren's Chorus. "I am composing a song especially for my dad's birthday and making a teddy bear for my sister."

What she does at home: "I help Mom with the cooking, and I love to look through all the books my parents keep in the basement. I like to read Shakespeare and perform the plays."

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