McCrary gift appreciatedI was pleased to read...


McCrary gift appreciated

I was pleased to read in The Sun that Ravens defensive end Michael McCrary, using $100,000 of his own funds, had established Mac's Miracle Fund with an initial bequest to Special Olympics Maryland.

He must have read my thoughts. For some time, I have hoped that the salaries of all athletes over $250,000 (probably everyone) should have a clause attached automatically providing 1 percent of the sum to be donated to the athlete's favorite (approved) charity every year.

No doubt, many already provide sums in excess of 1 percent, yet many more, I would wager, do not.

Thank you, Mr. McCrary, for reading my mind, and thank you, The Sun, for printing the story.

Howard K. Ottenstein


Top pick questionable

My hat goes off to Ravens coach Brian Billick and his assistants for their excellent draft choices this year. The No. 10 pick, Travis Taylor, might pan out to be a pretty decent pick, but the No. 5 selection, Jamal Lewis, was pathetic.

He was nowhere near a No. 5 pick. Hurt most of his career, he only had one good year in college.

What was so wrong with Errict Rhett? This veteran did everything asked of him and more, and when informed of his leaving for Cleveland, the front office didn't even bat an eye.

With Rhett and Priest Holmes alternating, the Ravens had a pretty decent backfield.

Jeff Jordan


Terps women slighted

Why is it that after the Maryland women's lacrosse team won the ACC tournament, the Terps men's lacrosse team's loss to the University of Virginia and the Orioles' loss to the Athletics got top billing in the sports section of April 24?

Clearly, the large picture on the front page should have featured the women's champions and not Virginia's A.J. Shannon.

This travesty reaffirms my belief that The Sun's sports section is among the worst and most uninformed in the country.

Zach Parks


Trust Hargrove, Billick

What a breath of fresh air to read about such a fine and respected manager in Mike Hargrove. He may be the only man with the credentials and respect from his peers to restore Baltimore's once-proud and storied baseball franchise.

Along with his Camden Yards neighbor, Brian Billick of the Ravens, the generals are in place to lead their respected teams to superiority.

Baltimore's sports fans should get excited and stand behind these two individuals. Whether it be on long summer nights or cold November rains, in Mike Hargrove and Brian Billick we trust.

Mark Pallack


Little Leaguers ignored

Last Sunday, a large number of Little League teams, players, coaches and parents attended the Orioles game at Camden Yards. Hundreds, if not thousands, arrived more than an hour before game time for a formal Little League parade on the field.

Then, there was an emotional ceremony to celebrate Cal Ripken's great accomplishment of being one of only 23 baseball players to reach 3000 hits. Then, the Orioles, unfortunately, lost the game.

Two of the local television, channels 11 and 13, covered the game in their sports reports during the 11 p.m. news that night, but neither mentioned the parade of the Little League players. Why not? Is this not newsworthy to us here in Baltimore?

Maxwell Vidaver


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