The Sun's readers tell their success stories and offer tips on encouraging children to read.

Reading's a holiday

"We would pick a good-sized book that related to a holiday that was coming up or the season, and we would take turns reading a chapter every night. This held their interest as to how it would end."

-- Michele Freeman, Owings Mills

Hungry for words

"When asked, 'What's for dinner?' point to the refrigerator, where your child must read a posted dinner menu to get his answer. Or while at the grocery store, tell your child what you want, then help him find it by reading the labels."

-- Lynn McNally, Hampstead

To each his own

"Remember, what you liked as a kid doesn't necessarily mean it's something your kid will like. Keep it fun, keep it new, make it something they will want to do, not something they are required to do."

-- Steve Foster, Columbia

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