25 years ago: "Myers Drug Store Has...


25 years ago: "Myers Drug Store Has Discontinued Operation Here New Firm Has Taken Over Business And Will Conduct Antique and Fountain Store At Site".

Wednesday last marked the end of an era for Mt. Airy when the old, established drug store which has been operated in the center of town for the past 85 years ceased operation and was converted into a different type of merchandising establishment.

Myers Drug Store, which is the successor of the drug store established here in 1889 by the late Walter R. Rudy, and which has, since the death of Dr. Myers, been operated by his widow, Mrs. Mary Myers, has now discontinued business and the store will be taken over by a new firm which will operate it as "Ye Old Country store and Soda Fountain.". The new proprietors will handle a general line of antiques, gifts and Hallmark greeting cards, but it will no longer be operated as a drug store.

The Community Reporter, May 2, 1975

50 years ago: "Candidates Must Take Ober Subversive Oath No Person Can Run For Office Unless They Fill Out Necessary Affidavits" --Attorney General Hall Hammond rules that the Ober Anti-Subversion Act requires all candidates to swear they are not subversive before they can run in the State elections this fall.

At the same time, the Progressive party announced at least four of its candidates including its aspirant for governor will fight the law and defend their fight on constitutional grounds. The Progressives' move would be the first legal challenge to the law since the Court of Appeals declined to rule on its constitutionality early this year. It is believed in some legal circles that this particular point is one of the most questionable in the entire act since the Declaration of Rights appears to read to the contrary.

Democratic Advocate, May 5, 1950

75 years ago: "Captured After 40 Hours The Escaped Prisoners Tired and Hungry When Found Near Littlestown" -- Happy Rinehart, William and Erman Smith and "Con" Smith, who escaped from jail last Wednesday a week were captured last Friday morning in a woods owned by Isaiah Harner, four miles from Littlestown and are now in jail. The prisoners will have no privileges hereafter and will be kept in their cells until their trails are over which comes up at the May term of the Circuit Court.

The men sawed their way to freedom with a case knife made into a hacksaw. After once out they made for Shrivers woods in the rear of the jail and followed through it until they arrived at Cranberry where they crossed the Western Maryland Railroad to old Winters dam and followed the stream and through the woods to Bachmans Valley where they rested, while one went in to a store to buy some provisions about 9 p.m. Then they moved by night through Union Mills to Kumps Station where they bunked in a straw stack for the night.

One of the Smiths, it is said, announced that they would have forced their way into a store at Kumps to get provisions as they were nearly starved, but they had nothing to work with.

Democratic Advocate, May 1, 1925

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