Should judge send Tripp case to trial?; Opinions range widely on guilt of woman


We asked: Do you care about the Linda Tripp case anymore? Howard Circuit Judge Diane O. Leasure is scheduled to rule tomorrowon whether Tripp should go to trial on charges that she recorded a conversation with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky about her relationship with President Clinton. What should Leasure do?

Linda Tripp is a whistle-blower and I am ashamed that Howard County is prosecuting her. Every whistle-blower must do something that, if not illegal, is at least against company rules. She is no different from an employee who makes copies of things the company is trying to hide.

Lynn Stiegler, Beaverbrook

By all means Judge Diane O. Leasure should allow Linda Tripp to have her day in court. After all, she is the only person in this whole sorry situation who is accused of doing something criminal. The others are just liars, adulterers or lawyers.

Kirk Donovan, Columbia

Linda Tripp only told the truth and she should not be prosecuted for this. Bill Clinton lied, lied, lied and he was allowed to get away with it. It is a very sad state in our country if we prosecute someone, as Linda, for telling the truth.

Sharon Sorensen, Ellicott City

I want her prosecuted to the limit of the law. I want her sent to jail. And, yes, she should go forward. Get her and she should be fired from the government. I want her badly.

Barbara Parry, Elkridge

Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing about Linda Tripp and I'm really tired of the whole situation. And I'm not a fan of Bill Clinton, but I think that Linda broke the law and she's not above the law. I think she did it knowingly. I think she did it deliberately. And I'm a Republican, by the way. And I think she clearly led Monica down a primrose path to get a book deal out of it. I don't think she had any intention of just protecting herself.

Elaine Hilliard, Ellicott City

No, I do not think the judge should rule in favor of the state. The only reason why this is being prosecuted is because the Democratic Party of the state is playing bully against her because of the jerk in the White House. That's the only reason this thing has gone to the judge in the first place. It's all a bunch of hooey.

John Blake, Columbia

I think she should go trial. I think she is guilty. She knew it. She has admitted it.

Isobel Schum, Elkridge

I think the judge should throw out the case because this is just partisan politics. Also, Linda Tripp was immunized by the federal government.

Gene J. Fluri, Ellicott City

I think Judge Leasure should dismiss the case. Don't nail the whistle-blower when the real culprits got off scot-free.

Marilyn Dlugos, Ellicott City

We are very interested in the case going to trial. If found guilty, deny her any monetary gains concerning the whole case.

John and Ruth Rettaliata, Ellicott City

Yes, I do care about the Linda Tripp case. I have cared about it for a very long time. I have come to the conclusion that Ms. Tripp would be found innocent. The money saved could be used to prevent the indecencies that took place from ever happening again from a United States president. I love Howard County. Please don't let the whole world look at our town trying to bully a woman who was doing what she thought was the correct thing to do. Judge Leasure, please throw this case out.

Ruth A. Cadwell, West Friendship

I do believe that she ought to face trial. She committed a crime and she should face the consequences. And I want to see that she's punished.

Suzann Parry, Elkridge

Of course Linda Tripp needs to be prosecuted to the hilt. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that this fits into the Republican far-right-wing plan to smear Clinton further as testimony will proceed. However, the woman is obviously a real piece of work and needs to pay the price for her totally illegal behavior. And let the chips fall where they may. I think Clinton has survived quite a lot of smearing, to put it mildly, and so have the American people.

Roselyn Havas, Columbia

I think the case for Linda Tripp should be thrown out. Enough's enough.

Edith Collins, Ellicott City

Yes, we believe Linda Tripp should be prosecuted. She broke the law.

Iris and Karl Gress, Ellicott City

I do think Leasure should continue. I think that Linda Tripp should be prosecuted. I resent the money this costs the county, but I still think it should be done. It has nothing to do with whether she's guilty or not, but she caused the United States a great deal of trouble. And it's not that I'm a big fan of Clinton. How can she walk away from this as if it's nothing?

JoAnn Brawley, Columbia

Personally, I think Linda Tripp ought to be tried. Nobody is above the law. If they can go persecute a president over this, then I don't think Linda Tripp should be above the law either. If she broke the law by tapping the telephones, then she should be prosecuted.

Kirby Grove, Pikesville

Linda Tripp needs to go to trial. It was despicable what she did. And Judge Leasure should proceed with everything.

Anna Marie Grant, Ellicott City

Yes, I think she should go on and pursue the case and not throw it out. I think Linda Tripp violated the law.

Pat Brown, Columbia

I think she should get probation before judgment. Slap her hand. She doesn't have a record. Just forget it. Stop spending the taxpayers' money because of political reasons.

Daniel Zukowski, Marriottsville

It's amazing to me that anyone would think it's either necessary, or appropriate, to prosecute a single mother who was only trying to protect her much-needed job in order to support her children! The real criminal in this scenario got off with nothing more than "getting his fingers slapped." Linda Tripp didn't demean the office of the President of the United States, or cause our nation worldwide embarrassment -- Bill Clinton did. And, since he wasn't punished for his actions, I see no reason for her to be either.

Toni Johns, Columbia

Linda Tripp should be prosecuted. She broke the law.

Nola Isaacson, Ellicott City

Yes, I think the judge should proceed with the case because that was the heart and soul of what the Clinton impeachment trial was all about and I think it was illegal. And the judge should not throw out the evidence. I think they should take it to trial.

Delano Tucker, Columbia

I do not think this should go to trial. I think the case against Linda Tripp is a political case and that she should be honored rather than criticized.

Donald Griffith, Ellicott City

I think Judge Leasure should go to trial and not dismiss the case because it's going to be a landmark decision on illegal wiretapping in the state of Maryland.

Diane Fohl, Ellicott City

I think Judge Leasure should dismiss the case against Linda Tripp. "Equal justice under the law." No one else has ever been treated like her. She is being persecuted for daring to expose Maryland's precious President Clinton. That is her crime.

Debbie Adams, Ellicott City

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