A salute to Shock Trauma


The "Shock Trauma Gala 2000" was more than a celebration of life. It was a celebration of 30 years of saving lives. About 1,000 guests gathered in the Towson Center to salute and support the Maryland Shock Trauma Center, raising $157,000.

After a gourmet dinner, the highlight of the evening came when Hero Awards were presented to Maryland police officers, firefighters and emergency medical systems workers who helped save lives in the past year. Honorees included Shock Trauma surgeon Dr. Carnell Cooper and attending physician Dr. Neal Reynolds; Lutherville firefighters P. Adam Zoltowski, George Goeb and Lt. Tony Tulio; and Shock Trauma nurse Sue Murawski.

Among the admiring guests: Greg Devou and Marny Needle, event co-chairs; Frank Kelly, chair of Shock Trauma Center Board of Visitors; Charles Cawley, James Corckran, Burt Greenwood and Trip Dryden, board members; Dr. Mort Rapoport, president and CEO of University of Maryland Medical System; Dr. Tom Scalea, Shock Trauma Center physician in chief; Rick Pineau, president of Roofers Inc.; Marsha Jews, president and chief operating officer of Career Communications Group Inc.; Henry Bell, MBNA account manager; Amy Warner, WLIF Radio new business director; and Bill Fine, WBAL-TV president and general manager.

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