MY BEST SHOTSpectacular ShenandoahBy Joan Allenbaugh, TimoniumThere...



Spectacular Shenandoah

By Joan Allenbaugh, Timonium

There are places and moments along the Shenandoah Valley trails that make the amateur photographer hope she has captured just a fraction of its breathtaking beauty.


Romance is born in Mykonos

By Christine Stollas

It was more than five years ago that I met my husband while vacationing in the island of Mykonos in Greece. He was working there for the summer season, away from his hometown of Patra. I was traveling with one of my best friends. After I met Kosmas, we spent my entire vacation together. He showed me around the island that had become a second home to him, and I happily learned about Greece, the people and their culture.

After I returned home, Kosmas and I stayed in contact. I would return to Greece frequently, and we would always go to Mykonos.

A little over three years ago, while we were living in his hometown, we decided to get married. Without even discussing it, we knew we had to get married where we had met -- on Mykonos. The only problem was that we didn't want to get married in the actual town of Mykonos because there were so many tourists there. We wanted something more traditional.

We remembered a place we had been the first summer called Ano Mera. It was there that we took this favorite photograph, which captures the beauty and simplicity found on Mykonos and in Greece in general.

We walked into the main square, where friends had arranged for a violinist and accordion player to welcome us. And then we were married. The townspeople applauded, and a very Greek celebration followed. Although I did not have my family with me, I could not have felt more warmth and acceptance.

We live in the United States now, but we travel to Greece every summer. And each year, when we plan our trip, we never think of stopping in the traditional tourist spots. We always make a simple but special trip to Mykonos, where we can bask in the memories of our past and create as many new ones as possible.

Christine Stollas lives in Astoria, N.Y.


Grand Teton National Park

Judy Franz, Owings Mills

"Approaching the entrance to Grand Teton National Park, my husband stopped to take a picture. I took in the beauty of the snow-capped mountains. My daughter pointed to holes in the dirt next to the walkway and asked what I thought lived there. Suddenly, a prairie dog popped out and came right over to us."

Five Islands Provincial Park, Canada

Chad Doherty, Annapolis

"On a trip to Nova Scotia, we were fortunate enough to arrive at Five Islands Provincial Park in the late afternoon at low tide. Many people took advantage of this spectacular low tide and dug for clams. The park even provides cleanup stations for mud removal."


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