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Forms are available to add names or change beneficiaries with a little work on your part; Copies can be obtained at banks, writing, on Net; Savings bonds; DOLLARS & SENSE


I have questions on E bonds. To add the name of a co-owner, is it the same as for an EE bond? And where do you go to make this correction? And does it apply only to spouses? What about to a grandmother and granddaughter?

To change the way a Series E U.S. Savings Bond is registered -- in other words, to add someone else's name as a co-owner or beneficiary -- use Form PD F 4000. You can get a copy from your local bank or by writing: Bureau of the Public Debt, Savings Bond Operations Office, Parkersburg, W.Va. 26106. If you have access to the Internet, you can read more at the Web site,

Daniel J. Pederson, president of the Savings Bond Informer (800-927-1901), a company in Detroit that calculates bond values and sells other services to bondholders, offered these pointers on Series E bonds:

If you want to remove the name of a beneficiary (and perhaps add someone else as beneficiary instead), you'll have to get the original beneficiary's approval by getting his or her signature. (This step isn't required with Series EE bonds.)

If you want to remove the name of a co-owner (and perhaps add someone else instead), you'll need the original co-owner's approval. (This step is required with Series EE bonds.)

If you plan to add your granddaughter as co-owner, keep in mind that you'll also be giving her the right to cash the bond at any time without your consent. (This is true with Series E or Series EE bonds.)

If, however, you add her as a beneficiary, she'll be able to get the bond only on your death. (A beneficiary's name appears on the bond after the words "payable on death" or the letters "POD.")

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