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High school classLast Saturday, the Gilman-Landon lacrosse...


High school class

Last Saturday, the Gilman-Landon lacrosse game was played on Gilman's campus in front of 3,000-plus lacrosse fans. The game had much at stake. For the Landon Bears, a 28-game winning streak and a mythical No. 1 national prep ranking were on the line. For the Gilman Greyhounds, it was the opportunity to avenge last season's loss, gain bragging rights in the growing Baltimore-Washington lacrosse rivalry and preserve its undefeated season.

The seesaw victory for Gilman was everything a high school lacrosse fan could hope for. The caliber of play was outstanding and, as the 11-10 final score indicated, the two teams were very evenly matched.

More impressive than the play itself, however, was the sportsmanship by each team.

There were no temper tantrums or exhibitions of stick throwing or helmet tossing from the losing side.

Nor was there any taunting or excessive celebrating from the winners. The players and coaches shook hands in a genuine fashion, and as he went through the line, Rob Bordley, Landon's coach, looked each Gilman player in the eye, congratulated each on a good game and wished him luck throughout the rest of the season. Gilman's head coach, Dave Allan, acted in a similar manner.

Perhaps many of today's spoiled, overpaid professional athletes could do well to learn the lesson that these high schoolers have learned: Winning and losing is important, but how one plays the game is also important.

Thomas N. Keigler, Timonium

What's up with L. Jordan?

The Sun has reported on several occasions lately that University of Maryland star running back LaMont Jordan is being held out of spring practice to concentrate on his academics. I am assuming that he is having trouble maintaining his eligibility for football.

The sad part is that if he does finish the spring semester and maintains his academic eligibility, he will never have to set foot in a University of Maryland classroom again.

According to NCAA rules, all he will have to do is register for the proper amount of credits in the fall and he can play out the fall season.

Why bother going to class, taking finals in December and finishing out the semester?

I challenge The Sun to ask these types of questions of Jordan and the Maryland coaching staff in the fall besides just concentrating on wins, losses and his "Heisman candidacy."

Walter Taylor, Odenton

Facts and opinions

An ode to John Eisenberg:

Fact: The Orioles have started the season better than most thought/predicted.

Opinion: Jump on the bandwagon now, 'cause the wheels are falling off by August.

Fact: Frank Wren was fired, in part, for not holding the plane for Cal Ripken, who reportedly doesn't/won't stay at the team hotel or ride the team bus.

Opinion: Funny things: a)team concept; b)Oriole Way.

Fact: The tag team of Peter Angelos and Syd Thrift decide that Charles Johnson isn't worth splitting the difference in salary (which Johnson was willing to do), take him to arbitration and win.

Opinion: Let's see, that means they lose the second-best defensive catcher in the game to free agency and hang their hopes on a kid that projects to be an outfielder. Kudos, Syd!

Fact: The Orioles have the fifth highest payroll in baseball.

Opinion: Anyone ever heard of the word chemistry? Seemed to be sorely lacking the past two years. The Orioles aren't alone. Let's compare and contrast the 1999 Dodgers and Reds.

Fact: A lifelong Orioles fan concedes defeat to The Peter Principle(s).

Opinion: Let's go Bucs.

Jim Foutz, Rawlings

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