4-H Demonstration Day Contest winners announced


Children ages 5 through 18 recently shared knowledge and illustrated talks at the countywide 4-H Demonstration Day Contest at the Carroll County Extension Office.

Champion demonstrators are eligible to take their presentations to the state fair competition in August.

County winners were:

Automotive, tractors, small engines, bicycles: Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Joshua Harris.

Arts and crafts, photography: Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Kelly Nolte and Amy Ridinger; Blue Award, Heidi Scherbarth, Crystal Smith, Timothy Harris, Sarah Rawlings, Kevin Ridinger, Kyle Barber, Lauryl Boidy, Jason Bassler, Brandon Baublitz, Bailly Shuster, Jennifer Hill and Cara Miller; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Lindsay Horner; Katie and Kelly Bassler.

Clothing, personal appearance: Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Jessica Nave; Blue Award, Maggie Fridinger.

Conservation, entomology, forestry, marksmanship: Junior, Blue Award, Katie Rae Warner.

Family life, child care, safety, health: Junior, Blue Award, Sara Fridinger; Senior, Blue Award, Kelli Kipe.

Gardening, plan and plant, field crops: Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Clare Yeager; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Jason Ridinger.

Handyman, electric, woodworking: Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Clayton Yeager; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Jenn Warner; Blue Award, Joshua Stewart and Ben Coffin.

Livestock (beef, sheep, swine, horse/pony, dairy goat, dairy cattle, veterinary science): Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Sharon Krome, Chris Utz, Allyson and Brittany Lethbridge; Blue Award, John Rawlings Jr., Kelly Shuster, Courtney Rinehart, Sara Krome, Stephanie Krome, Chip Weaver and Brian Rasche; Red Award, Zac Chamelin and Amy Yirka; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Joanna and Joshua Stewart, Emily Chamelin.

Livestock (rabbits, poultry, small pets, dogs): Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Caitlin Moore and Sarah Reeves; Blue Award, David Welsh; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Brian Owings and Whitney Dell; Blue Award, Jessica Ecker and Anna Warner.

General: Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Laura Judge; Blue Award, Drew Cashman, Esther Schott and Amanda Reinhardt; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Lindsay Horner.

Food/nutrition (vegetable): Junior, Blue Award, Katy Nolte; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Whitney Dell and Angela Rasche.

Food/nutrition (milk or milk product): Junior, Blue Award, Kimberly Rawlings.

Food/nutrition (bread or cereal product): Junior, Champion, Blue Award, Katie Tracey; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Blair Mersinger; Red Award, Alice Zafiris.

Food/nutrition (other): Junior, Blue Award, Kimberly Bittler; Red Award, Alyssa Ray; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Heather Slivecky.

Egg demonstration: Intermediate, Red Award, Brett Groomes; Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Anna Warner.

Ground beef illustrated talk: Senior, Champion, Blue Award, Angela Rasche.

Clovers: Participation, Cody Cashman, Bryce Groomes, Travis Smith and Jane Sussman.

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