Pasteries make ideal breakfast for hurried set*...


Pasteries make ideal breakfast for hurried set

* Item: Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles

* What you get: 6 one-pastry servings

* Cost: About $2.20

* Preparation time: Just toast and eat

* Review: The idea of egg-filled pastries warmed in the toaster was enough to make me want to put this box of Toaster Scrambles back in the frozen-food case. But after trying Pillsbury's latest a.m. edition, I'm glad I persevered. We sampled the Cheese, Egg and Bacon, and Cheese, Egg and Sausage flavors. Both offered relatively fresh ingredients in a light, buttery crust, making this an ideal breakfast for someone on the go. Even my dad -- who prefers his eggs fried and straight from the frying pan -- gave Toaster Scrambles high marks. Be warned, however: Hearty eaters won't be satisfied with just one pastry.

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