Home inspectors revise Standards of Practice


The American Society of Home Inspectors, which has 5,000 members nationwide, announced that it is revising its Standards of Practice in an effort to "improve the level of professionalism of home inspectors."

"We felt the need to present a set of standards that reflects advancements in the home inspection industry," said ASHI President Mark Cramer.

The organization's Standards of Practice is used to guide home inspectors by establishing a uniform standard for private, fee-paid home inspections. According to ASHI, state agencies in California, Oregon, New Jersey, North and South Carolina use the standards as a basis for its programs.

Some of the changes require home inspectors to report conditions they judge to be safety hazards and to identify components they judge to be near the end of their normal life spans.

The revision also requires inspectors to recommend that a home deficiency be repaired, evaluated by an expert or monitored and requires that clients be provided with information that can be used to prioritize the reported conditions.

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