Weekly quiz helps with spelling; JUST FOR PARENTS


If yure kidz R riting, but having trubl speling, reading can help. Exposure to written words helps form mental images of how words heard are supposed to look; it also expands vocabulary. There's bound to be some stumbling along the way, so keep a dictionary handy and emphasize the importance of proper spelling.

Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts, educators and co-authors of the syndicated "Dear Teacher" column, offer ideas to help your child with weekly spelling quizzes. Most important, parents need to be involved.

Make it something you do together every week. Give your child a home quiz as soon as he gets his list of spelling words. Then let him correct the quiz by writing proper spellings next to incorrect ones. Those are words he'll need to work on during the week. Study a couple each night. Gisler and Eberts offer this method to learn the words:

* Say each out loud while looking at it.

* Have your child close his eyes, visualize the word, then spell it out loud.

* Check if he got it right.

* Now have him try writing it without looking at the word again.

* Check to see if it's spelled correctly. If not, he should rewrite it, then repeat the steps.

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