Dividend boosts point the way to winning stocks


"Companies with a record of raising dividends provide superior stock appreciation," money manager Charles E. Babin says in Forbes, May 1.

"Find the firms that religiously boost their stock prices by dividend hikes, and you've got a bunch of winners. The point isn't what the yield is. It's how often they offer good news about dividend hikes."

The article lists, as examples, Home Depot Inc., Citigroup Inc., Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Walt Disney Co.

MONEY MATTERS: "Whether single or married, more women now invest on their own, and discuss their strategies (either with a financial planner or broker) for creating future financial security." (Black Enterprise)

"When stocks are overpriced, the event that triggers a downturn is often unexpected. You probably won't see it coming -- and won't react fast enough when it occurs. Lesson: Allocate for a downturn. A broad portfolio softens the landing." (Burton Malkiel, Princeton University)

WALL STREET WATCH: "If you believe a study by the Journal of Portfolio Management, a George W. Bush victory means buy bonds. If Al Gore wins, it's small-company stocks." (Forbes, May 1)

"Stocks are super-attractive when the Fed is loosening and interest rates are falling. In sum: Don't fight the Fed!" (Martin Zweig, money manager)

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