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Pupils show creativity with gun safety messages


THIS YEAR'S GUN legislation might be history, but the subject is still much on the minds of Northwest Carroll youths.

As part of a contest organized by the town of New Windsor, more than 80 New Windsor Middle School pupils drew posters or developed slogans advocating gun safety. The four winners met with the governor for a presentation yesterday at the State House.

Seventh-grader Cecelia Condon took first place with her slogan, "Lock the Gun's Trigger So Kids Can Grow Bigger."

Sixth-grader Kristen Remmers won first place for art with her poster, a drawing of a gun with a padlock on it and the words, "Get Your Guns Locked Up Before They Get You Locked Up."

Audrey Hollenberg, 11, won second place for slogan with "See a Gun, Turn and Run, Tell Someone." Seventh-grader Brett Groomes won second place for art with a comic strip-like poster titled "Shooting for Safety."

Audrey said she got her idea after brainstorming.

"I brainstormed awhile and then put it aside," she said. "Then I thought about how kids see guns and they don't know what to do with them."

Kristen said she wanted to come up with something that would make people aware of gun safety without scaring them about guns. She thought of the idea of a gun with a padlock on it. Kristen said she was surprised she won.

"I was really excited," she said in an interview before the ceremony. "And I'm really excited about meeting the governor. I've never met him personally before."

Mayor Jack A. Gullo Jr. said that to celebrate municipal government week at the end of the month, the Maryland Municipal League encouraged local governments to mark the occasion.

"Some people may do a mock council meeting," he said. "We came up with the idea to have a contest. The hot issue was the gun issue. The town felt that was an issue that affects municipalities across Maryland. New Windsor Middle School was chosen because it is the only school in town."

Gullo said he was amazed at the number of entries and the creativeness shown by the pupils.

"The contest rules simply said they could do one of two things," Gullo said. "They could do a poster about smart guns or gun safety or they could come up with a slogan about smart guns or gun safety. We had more than 80 entries and better than half of them talked about trigger locks. All the winners are really excited to meet the governor."

National Coin Week

New Windsor resident Lester White, a coin collector, loves to talk about coins and educate people about them.

To celebrate National Coin Week this week, White has put together several coin displays at libraries throughout Carroll County, including Westminster and Taneytown. He was eager to talk about the new quarter coins and dollar coins.

"The new dollar coin replaces the old Susan B. Anthony dollar, which was very unpopular because it looked too much like a quarter," White said. "Coin collectors call the new dollar coins goldies, because of their gold color. But they don't have any gold in them."

White said the dollar coin features the Indian woman Sacagawea.

"She was the Indian lady who was the guide for the Lewis and Clark expedition," White said. "She was married to a Frenchman and had a baby named Jean Baptiste, who she is carrying on her back on the coin."

White said the artist Glenna Goodacre used 22-year-old Randy'L He-dow Teton, of Shoshone-Bannock tribe near Blackfoot, Idaho, as the model for the coin.

He said the new quarters feature each state in the union.

"Each state has a story behind it," he said.

White said Maryland's quarter is called the Old Line State.

"The name was given to Maryland by George Washington when he was fighting the British," White said. "Maryland's militia held the line until Washington's troops could arrive."

White said the mint has also come out with a new silver dollar that has one ounce of silver in it.

"It's called the Silver Eagle and is the first real silver dollar minted since 1935," he said. "They started minting them to satisfy the collectors who wanted a bullion coin and also, perhaps, because other countries were also making bullion coins."

White is organizing a bus trip to the American Numismatic Association's national convention Aug. 12 in Philadelphia. Information: 410-848-3440.

Jean Marie Beall's Northwest neighborhood column appears each Thursday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

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