Be a 4Kids Dectective


Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to

* When did the first violins emerge in Italy?

* What's the largest planet in diameter?

* On Ellis Island, what happened at the Kissing Post?


You won't need to wear a tuxedo to get into this orchestra pit. Just tune up your Internet instrument to the sweet sounds at Fiddle around with a fiddle or peer down into a tuba. You'll learn fun facts about each member of the orchestra. And with each instrument you get an earful of great sounds from the world's most famous composers. You can also learn how to make a drum, a flute or a bugle.


As the landing spot for more than 12 million immigrants to the United States, Ellis Island remains one of the focal points of the American experience. Now you can relive the drama that unfolded on this island at the History Channel's Ellis Island Web site. Journey back in time to and experience the many hurdles that our forefathers had to overcome when entering their new country. Take the "Who Are You?" exam for yourself to find out just how tough it was to pass the tests.


Explore the universe at SpaceKids, the home base for star gazers and future astronauts alike. Rocket out to for an adventure that's out of this world. There are also interactive games such as Planet Pounds, where you can weigh yourself on different planets. What is the sun made of? How far is it to the moon? You'll get answers to these questions at the Space Q & A. SpaceKids also has the scoop on the space shuttle, robots and asteroids.

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