NFL Draft Analysis: NFC East



Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 7 Thomas Jones RB Virginia

2 41 Raynoch Thompson LB Tennessee

3 71 Darwin Walker DT Tennessee

4 102 David Barrett DB Arkansas

5 136 Mao Tosi DT Idaho

5 164 Jay Tant TE Northwestern

6 176 Jabari Issa DT Washington

7 215 Sekou Sanyika LB California

Pick to watch: RB Thomas Jones -- He has to live up to his billing as the best running back in the draft.

Analysis: The Cardinals had to get a running back and upgrade their defense, and they addressed both areas in a draft that is likely to upgrade their team. After grabbing Jones to improve a rushing game that ranked 29th last season, they switched to defense for six of their last seven players. If they hit on some of the defensive players, it'll be an excellent draft.

Grade: B-


Rd. No. Player Pos. College

2 49 Dwayne Goodrich DB Tennessee

4 109 Kareem Larrimore DB West Texas A&M;

5 144 Michael Wiley WR Ohio State

6 180 Mario Edwards DB Florida State, 7 219 Orantes Grant LB Georgia

Pick to watch: DB Dwayne Goodrich -- He was the only pick they had on the first day of the draft.

Analysis: The Cowboys invested their draft in Seattle receivers. They gave up their third-round pick for James McKnight, who blew out his knee in camp last year, but hopes to come back this year. They also gave up two firsts for Joey Galloway. How Galloway and McKnight play will determine what type of draft it was. Their only pick on the first day, Goodrich, was inconsistent and suspended for a game after being arrested on a disorderly conduct charge. He's also a medical risk because of a heart murmur. Three of their five picks were defensive backs, because they plan to cut Deion Sanders.

Grade: D

New York Giants

Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 11 Ron Dayne RB Wisconsin

2 42 Cornelius Griffin DT Alabama, 3 73 Ronald Dixon WR Lambuth

4 105 Brandon Short LB Penn State, 5 140 Ralph Brown DB Nebraska

6 177 Dhani Jones LB Michigan

7 217 Jeremiah Parker DE California

Pick to watch: RB Ron Dayne -- They're counting on him to jump-start their running game.

Analysis: Dayne was the perfect pick for a team that was tied for 24th last season in rushing yards gained. The Giants hope that their new backfield of Kerry Collins and Dayne will give their offense a new look. But the team pulled a puzzling move when it gambled on wide receiver Ronald Dixon of obscure Lambuth, Tenn., in the third round. It's unusual to use the 73rd pick in the draft on a player who wasn't invited to the scouting combine.

Grade: B-


Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 6 Corey Simon DT Florida State

2 36 Todd Pinkston WR So. Mississippi

2 61 Bobby Williams G Arkansas

4 99 Gari Scott WR Michigan State

6 171 Thomas Hamner RB Minnesota

6 178 John Frank DE Utah

6 192 John Romero C California

Pick to watch: WR Todd Pinkston -- They needed a receiver, but waited to the second round to grab Pinkston.

Analysis: The Eagles needed a game-breaking wide receiver for quarterback Donovan McNabb, but figured they couldn't bypass Corey Simon in the first round, so they came back to take receivers in the second and fourth rounds. If the two receivers (Pinkston and Gari Scott) make an impact, they'll upgrade the offense.

Grade: B


Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 2 LaVar Arrington LB Penn State, 1 3 Chris Samuels OT Alabama, 3 64 Lloyd Harrison DB N.C. State, 4 129 Michael Moore G Troy State, 5 155 Quincy Sanders DB UNLV , 6 202 Todd Husak QB Stanford , 7 216 Delbert Cowsette DT Maryland, 7 250 Ethan Howell WR Oklahoma State

Pick to watch: OT Chris Samuels -- Has to show he was worth the four draft picks the Redskins gave up to get him.

Analysis: This was the type of flashy draft that owner Dan Snyder likes. He traded up to get the third pick so he had the second and third choices. The problem is that he paid a bigger price for Samuels (two first-round choices, a fourth and a fifth) than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did for Keyshawn Johnson. Samuels should be a good one, but the Redskins could have drafted a lesser lineman and had three more picks if they hadn't made that high-profile trade. The price for Samuels was too high.

Grade: C+

Draft analysis The NFL draft analysis was compiled by Sun staff writer Vito Stellino.

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