NFL Draft Analysis: AFC West



Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 15 Deltha O'Neal DB California

2 40 Ian Gold LB Michigan

2 45 Kenoy Kennedy DB Arkansas

3 70 Chris Cole WR Texas A&M;

4 101 Jerry Johnson DT Florida State

4 112 Cooper Carlisle OT Florida

5 154 Muneer Moore WR Richmond

6 189 Mike Anderson RB Utah

7 214 Jarious Jackson QB Notre Dame

7 246 Leroy Fields WR Jackson State

Pick to watch: CB Deltha O'Neal -- Has to prove he was worth the 15th pick.

Analysis: The Broncos needed a cornerback because of the Dale Carter suspension, but they were in the 10th spot and there wasn't a cornerback on the board worth taking there. So Mike Shanahan got a second-round pick from the Ravens to move down from 10 to 15 to take O'Neal even though that still might have been a bit high. He took another corner in Kenoy Kennedy with the pick he got from Baltimore and took a linebacker with his own second-round pick. It was a good piece of maneuvering.

Grade: B

Kansas City

Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 21 Sylvester Morris WR Jackson State

2 54 William Bartee DB Oklahoma

3 85 Gregory Wesley DB Ark.-Pine Bluff

4 115 Frank Moreau RB Louisville

5 153 Dante Hall RB Texas A&M;

5 162 Pat Dennis DB Louisiana-Monroe

6 188 Darnell Alford OT Boston College

7 208 Desmond Kitchings WR Furman

Pick to watch: WR Sylvester Morris -- Should help the passing game.

Analysis: The Chiefs will apparently continue to use running backs by committee because they didn't draft a RB until they took Dante Hall in the fifth round after Seattle grabbed Shaun Alexander two spots before they picked in the first round. They addressed cornerback with three picks because James Hasty and Cris Dishman aren't getting any younger.

Grade: C-


Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 17 Sebastian Janikowski K Florida State

2 47 Jerry Porter WR West Virginia , 4 107 Junior Ioane DT Arizona State

5 142 Shane Lechler P Texas A&M;

7 231 Cliffton Black DB SW Texas State

Pick to watch: WR Jerry Porter -- Since they bypassed their receiver need in the first round, it's up to Porter to step in.

Analysis: For nostalgia buffs, it's always fun to watch Al Davis. He still thinks it's 1975 and the team is so good that he can afford to take a troubled kicker in the first round. If that weren't enough, Davis took a punter in the fifth round. That means two of his first four picks were kickers. Since Porter was their only upgrade on offense, Lechler may be punting a lot.

Grade: D

San Diego

Rd. No. Player Pos. College

2 43 Rogers Beckett S Marshall

3 83 Damion McIntosh OT Kansas State

4 111 Trevor Gaylor WR Miami, Ohio

4 113 Leonardo Carson DE Auburn

6 184 Shannon Taylor LB Virginia

6 203 Damen Wheeler DB Colorado

6 205 JaJuan Seider QB Florida A&M;, 7 222 Jason Thomas G Hampton

Pick to watch: WR Trevor Gaylor -- Must justify the Chargers giving up a third-round pick next year to take him in the fourth round.

Analysis: Like Al Davis, Bobby Beathard keeps trying to do what worked for him in the past. Unlike Davis, he's pondering whether to retire. In what might have been his last draft, the positive news for the Chargers is that he didn't trade away his first-round pick in next year's draft as he's often done. Unfortunately, he couldn't resist trading his 2001 third-round pick to take Gaylor in the fourth round. Gaylor was a solid pick in the fourth round, but probably wasn't worth giving up next year's third-round choice, especially since Beathard had his own selection two picks later and took defensive end Leonardo Carson.

Grade: C-


Rd. No. Player Pos. College

1 19 Shaun Alexander RB Alabama

1 22 Chris McIntosh OT Wisconsin

2 52 Ike Charlton DB Virginia Tech

3 80 Darrell Jackson WR Florida

4 116 Marcus Bell LB Arizona

4 119 Isaiah Kacyvenski LB Harvard

6 175 James Williams WR Marshall

6 185 Tim Watson DT Rowan

6 190 John Hilliard DT Miss. State

Pick to watch: RB Shaun Alexander -- Should improve the Seahawks' running game.

Analysis: The Seahawks wanted to improve their run defense, ranked 25th in the NFL last year. But they couldn't afford to bypass Shaun Alexander when he fell to them in the first round. Mike Holmgren then couldn't resist going for offense with his second and fourth picks. He did take a defensive back in the second round (Ike Charlton) and a pair of linebackers (Marcus Bell and Isaiah Kacyvenski) in the fourth round.

Grade: C+

Draft analysis The NFL draft analysis was compiled by Sun staff writer Vito Stellino.

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