25 years ago: County's Heritage of Agriculture...


25 years ago: County's Heritage of Agriculture to be Stressed--Publishing an agricultural history of Carroll county is the aim of a committee organized at a meeting in Westminster, according to Dr. Robert McKinney, former county commissioner, who was lected chairman of the group. Carroll County has enjoyed a great agricultural heritage that goes back to the days when the Indians cleared small areas of land for crops in our fertile soils. Many families have records of their farm which go back several generations, yet very little of this information has been brought together into a publication which would be available for everyon to enjoy reading, says McKinney.

The Community Reporter, April 25, 1975

50 Years Ago: State to Increase Gasoline Tax -- To provide additional revenue for its roads program, the state may have to increase its gasoline tax and impose tolls on some new highways, Robert M. Reindollar, chairman of the State Roads Commission, declared. In addition, he said in a speech in Washington, it may be necessary to request the legislature for additional funds from general taxation and to impose special assessments against some property owners along newly-constructed highways. Highways which may become toll roads include the new York road, and highways between Baltimore and Frederick, Frederick and Washington, and Washington and Annapolis. Emphasizing the need for more road funds, Mr. Reindollar pointed out that in 1940 it was estimated that it would cost $200,000,000 to rehabilitate the state's highways. Now, because of higher construction costs the estimated cost is $750,000,000.

Democratic Advocate, April 14, 1950

75 Years Ago: New Bank at Mt. Airy Opposed -- Opposition to the establishment of another bank at Mt. Airy and which is to be known as the Citizens Bank, has developed to the extent that the question was on Friday laid before George W. Page, State Bank Commissioner.

Those favoring the new project are said to be headed by Joseph Donnavan of Ellicott City. Opposition is voiced to the proposed bank principally by the First National Bank of Mt. Airy and the Commercial State Bank branch in that place.

Democratic Advocate, April 10, 1925

100 Years Ago: Palm Sunday was observed, as usual in several of the Churches of this city and in some others services have been held nightly during Passion Week. Palms were distributed at St. Johns Catholic Church, to the members, on Sunday and confirmation services were held at St. Paul's Reformed Church, where fine music was rendered by an orchestra and the choir. Ministers of the M. P. Church, attending the conference, preached in several of the churches and at Baker Chapel.

American Sentinel, April 14, 1900

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