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Men dish it out


No parade was more delicious than the one that kicked off Gourmet Men of Distinction (Men Who Cook), sponsored by the Baltimore Metropolitan Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women. As chapter chair, Dr. Thelma T. Daley announced each gent's name and gourmet specialty, he took a bow replete in chef's hat and apron. As soon as the last chef had taken his position at a Martin's West buffet table, with serving spoon in hand, a hungry horde of 800 descended.

"Taste it, taste it," said William Hankins, urging guests to try his peanut butter soup. Down the way, Michael Johnson and Jerome Person hawked their chicken and dumplings.

Less than an hour later, coddie "king" Dr. Donald Atkinson had nothing left to serve but crumbs, and Judson Wood's "Juddie's Greens" were gone. A line waited as Vallen Emery served the remaining slices of his pecan pie.

Among those enjoying this feast of home cooking: Mary J. Demory, 100 Black Women, Baltimore chapter president; Gail Travis, Jane Waters and Michele Emery, event committee members; Nycole Aldridge, student at the Culinary Institute of America; Derrick Lennon, president of D&S; Transportation; Gary Maura, assistant analyst at Bell Atlantic Mobile; Cecelia King, principal of Fort Worthington Elementary School; Kay Davis, Baltimore social service administrator; and attorney Martin Brown.

The Sunday supper raised $20,000 to benefit National Coalition of 100 Black Women's special service projects dedicated to community service, leadership development and empowerment.

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