If pink is the new black, what is black?; Fashion: Color comes out of the closet in a big way, but don't worry -- black isn't dead yet.


You know the rules have changed when kiwi green is considered a neutral color, and when designers are calling pink "the new black."

Here are tips on putting together the season's bright hues:

* Don't feel intimidated; you're not alone.

"I find a lot of customers are not used to seeing this much color. We constantly have to say, 'It's OK. It looks good,'" says Becky Jacobson, sales manager at Express in MainPlace, Santa Ana, Calif.

* Take it at your own pace.

"You have to realize that coming out of such neutral colors for the past 10 years that people will embrace color on different levels," says June Rau, a Nordstrom fashion director.

* No, the old black isn't dead.

"One way of making that slim black pantsuit from last year look fabulous is to do a high heel with your pant which kicks it right into being more feminine-feeling," Rau says. "A python sandal, a bare sandal or colored footwear, and give it a feminine twist with a feminine handbag."

* Check out the new neutrals.

"There's a whole range of warm neutrals like camel, caramel, toast, even into the brick colors, a bit more reddish," Rau says. "These ... can play with those more cool neutrals that were in your closet for fall. People would probably have gray pants in their closet and they can buy a camel suede jacket to update it."

* Just do it.

Once you get used to it, brighter colors make you feel energized.

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