Draft trades


Trades announced during the NFL draft yesterday:

1: Carolina traded its second-round choice (No. 51) to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers' second- (No. 57) and fourth-round (No. 120) choices. Tampa Bay selected Cosey Coleman, g, Tennessee. Carolina selected Deon Grant, s, Tennessee and (No. 120).

2: Tennessee traded its second-round choice (No. 61) to Philadelphia for the Titans' third- (No. 68) and fifth-round (No. 135) choices. Philadelphia selected Bobby Williams, g, Arkansas. Tennessee selected Erron Kinney, te, Florida and (No. 135).

3: Seattle traded its third-round choice (No. 86) to San Francisco for the 49ers' fourth- (No. 119) and fifth-round (No. 154) choices. San Francisco selected Jeff Ulbrich, lb, Hawaii. Seattle selected (No. 119) and (No. 154).

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