Mussina's not the problemI'm sure I'm not...


Mussina's not the problem

I'm sure I'm not the only reader who was astonished and appalled by John Zaruba's unwarranted attack on Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina in The Sun on April 9.

Musina is surely one of the top five starting pitchers in the game. He has been effusive in expressing his appreciation of Baltimore fans and has made it clear that he wants to play here.

To label him a "greedy prima donna" is grossly unfair and monumentally ignorant. If nothing else, Mussina's presence on the roster ensures that, at least every fifth day, the Orioles will be worth watching and will have a chance to win.

Don Brizendine, Baltimore

Blast winners on, off field

I constantly hear that Baltimore needs a winning team. Well, wake up Baltimore. Have you heard of the Blast?

The team is division champions and currently playing for the conference championship. They are winners on and off the field and are a big part of many communities.

As PTSA president of Holabird Middle School, I know firsthand the work they do in schools. Did you know the Blast promotes not just good grades and attendance, but also a Respect Program approved by Baltimore County schools? And, believe it or not, the Blast doesn't charge for appearances or autographs.

A fight during a Blast game was noted in a recent letter to the editor, but no one mentions that most Blast games are attended by families, the games are affordable, and there are no drunken businessmen or overpaid athletes.

As a soccer mom, PTSA president and Blast fan, I say thank you to owner Ed Hale, coach Kevin Healey and the entire Blast organization.

Debbie Lapinski, Baltimore

Don't knock college baseball

How surprising and disappointing to see the suspension of several Navy baseball players covered in The Sun sports pages, when so little college baseball, virtually all of it positive, is ever available.

Division I college baseball players play more than 50 games during the spring semester while maintaining a full workload for school. Their scholarship support is meager compared to that offered to fellow student-athletes in basketball, football and lacrosse.

The games are fast-paced, exciting and fun. Reading The Sun, however, one wouldn't know that this product is even available for local fans. To find a score within the pages requires a road map. A box score or, heaven forbid, an article? Forget it.

Please spare us the overkill on the kernels of negative items in college baseball when the sport is so filled with positive news.

Robert Dubansky, Baltimore

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