Around the world in 24 days


If money is no object, deluxe-tour operator INTRAV has just the thing -- an around-the-world trip aboard your own private Concorde jet. The 24-day extravaganza begins with limousine service from your door to the nearest airport, where you will fly first-class to meet the Concorde in New York or Las Vegas. From there, at supersonic Mach 2 speed, it's on to Hawaii, Hong Kong, the Taj Mahal, Paris, Easter Island, Nepal and various other "breathtaking destinations" around the globe.

At every turn, you will be treated to "gourmet meals and ... fine wines and champagne," according to the company's literature.

The price of all this high-flying adventure? As the saying goes, if you have to ask, you probably can't afford it. For the record, it's $62,000 (that includes a "deluxe Concorde flight bag, leather passport wallet and luggage tags").

To check out the 2000 tour lineup or just to fantasize, go to or call 800-456-8100 for a brochure.

The search for Jewish roots

Two books by Miriam Weiner, "Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova" and "Jewish Roots in Poland," help map out a guide for discovering the past.

The books bring to life the pre-Holocaust Old Country and offer resources and genealogical references along with city and town descriptions, indexes to archives and inventories and a pictorial representation of Jewish life long ago.

In addition, through her organization, Routes to Roots, Weiner can personally research your ancestral town, visit there -- and even visit with your relatives -- then report back with videos and mementos if you can't make the trip yourself.

Or you can set up an itinerary with her and head out on your own. For more information about the books and the tours, call 800-742-5403. Routes to Roots is also online at

Enjoying New York at night

Finding the hippest New York hot spots among hundreds of choices is now a bit less daunting. The new Zagat "2000 New York City Nightlife" guide surveys more than 1,000 bars, clubs, cafes and lounges across the city's five boroughs, and rates each on a scale of 1 to 30 by appeal, decor and service. The guide also breaks out neat category listings to help you find the right ambience, from beautiful people to bikers to the perfect spot for a first date. Call 800-333-3421 to order the guide for $10.95.

For sightseers, a ticket to the city

For the serious sightseer, CityPass could be the ticket to savings. Seven cities (Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle) participate in a program that gets you into main attractions for half the price of regular admission.

To make make the purchase of a CityPass worthwhile, visitors should plan to visit most of the participating attractions, which include museums, zoos, planetariums, aquariums and IMAX theaters. Prices vary depending on the city you are visiting.

To order a pass, go to, or call 707-256-0490.

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