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Revolutionary ideas


One of the most provocative entries at last year's MicroCineFest was "How to Start a Revolution in America," a little piece of realpolitik cinema-verite that makes "The Blair Witch Project" look about as authentic as "Bambi."

Made by New Jersey-based filmmaker Mike Z., "Revolution" is a how-to tape made by a cell of underground radicals whose plans to overthrow the social order by violence only look funny when you realize they're all based on cornstarch. Still, as hilarious as the film is, it also manages to make viewers more than a tad squeamish, a line between fiction and reality that Z. has exploited in all his work.

You can check out "How to Start a Revolution in America" at the Johns Hopkins Film Festival this weekend, when Z. will also present a new film.

"How to Start a Revolution in America" will be shown Saturday at 12:45 a.m. and again at 11 p.m. in Room 110 in Gilman Hall. For more information, call 410-516-7517t.

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