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Seasoning blends' bold flavors are appetizing* Item:...


Seasoning blends' bold flavors are appetizing

* Item: McCormick Flavor Medleys Saucy Seasoning Blends

* What you get: 8.9 ounces

* Cost: About $3

* Preparation time: Use straight from jar

* Review: The flavors in McCormick's new Saucy Seasoning Blends are definitely bold. What makes this refreshing is that each one seems to have its own appeal -- setting them apart from the myriad other sauces and marinades on the market. Put to culinary use, the medleys are appetizing without being overpowering. Faced with unexpected dinner guests, we slathered some of the Garlic Herb blend on chicken breasts and dropped them right on the grill. The resulting entree tasted as if it had been marinating for hours. The Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil made a pleasant gourmet pizza sauce.

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