"I highly recommend the book 'Satchel Paige'...


"I highly recommend the book 'Satchel Paige' by Lesa Cline-Ransome. It's a fun story about the life and times of a great man and a terrific baseball player. He made some bad choices as a boy, but adults cared for him and helped him straighten up."

-- G. Lowell Swain, Winand Elementary

"In 'Stephanie's Ponytail' by Robert N. Munsch, Stephanie wants a different kind of ponytail every day. She gets mad when all the kids call her ponytail ugly, but the next day, they all copy it. Stephanie is so mad at the kids that she says 'Tomorrow I am going to shave my head!' But the next day, everyone but Stephanie has shaved their heads, including the teacher."

-- Kaitlyn Kerr, Eldersburg Elementary

" 'Pokemon: Pikachu's Vacation' by Tracey West is about Pikachu and his friends. They were playing happily on a playground meant only for Pokemon until bullies came along. After awhile, the bullies became friends with the other Pokemon. This story is funny, shows many different kinds of Pokemon and teaches the importance of teamwork."

-- Sean Huang, Northfield Elementary

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