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Accessory charges against woman in Jessup prison break put on hold


Charges against a second woman accused of helping two convicts after their escape from a Jessup prison last year were put on hold yesterday on the recommendation of an Anne Arundel County prosecutor, who pointed to her cooperation with police.

Geneva Viola Shadeed did not know she was aiding fleeing felons, Deputy State's Attorney William D. Roessler told Anne Arundel Circuit Judge Clayton Greene Jr., who placed the case on hold for one year -- making the charges inactive, but not dismissing them.

Shadeed, 36, of Baltimore is the last of four defendants to reach court in the Jessup prison break of convicted armed robber Byron Smoot and another inmate, aided by former prison psychologist Elizabeth L. Feil.

Shadeed declined to comment after the short proceeding. She had been charged with two counts each of serving as an accessory after the escape and harboring a fugitive.

Smoot, serving 29 years, and Gregory Lawrence, a convicted killer serving a life term, climbed over the prison fence in May. Feil picked them up and took them to a Baltimore motel.

Shadeed was accused of helping them move to another motel a day later.

Roessler said Shadeed thought Lawrence had been released from prison after serving a sentence for a drug conviction. She learned of the escape from a television news report and gave the men no further assistance.

Police traced a call Lawrence made from the first motel to Shadeed, whose cooperation led to the capture of the escapees, Roessler said.

"Unlike Elizabeth Feil, Ms. Shadeed did not use a false name when registering at the hotel. She used her own name, which corroborates her defense that she was unaware that she was aiding fleeing felons," Roessler told the judge.

Roessler said he was giving Shadeed "the benefit of the doubt" in recommending that Greene set aside the charges, and the only condition was for her to remain free of criminal convictions. She has none.

Prosecutors could revive the charges within a year.

Feil pleaded guilty to serving as an accessory after the fact. She received a two-year sentence with all but six months suspended, plus five years of supervised probation.

Lawrence, 39, pleaded guilty to escape and had six years added to his sentence. Smoot, 38, pleaded guilty to escape and had eight years added to his sentence.

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