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Village candidates make last pitches; Harper's Choice forum offers differing visions, views on CA controversy


The two candidates for the Harper's Choice seat on the Columbia Council -- who ran against each other two years ago -- got their first chance last night to make their campaign pitch to the public.

Tom Forno, the incumbent, presented his candidacy as a call for the Columbia Association to "shift gears" and become a more "mature" organization. Although he did not present his bid as a defense of Deborah O. McCarty, he did support the embattled CA president.

Incumbent: Tom Forno

Challenger: Lanny Morrison

Information: 410-730-3888

Hickory Ridge

Incumbent: Jean S. Friedberg Jr.

Challenger: Miles Coffman

Information: 410-730-7327

Oakland Mills

Incumbent: Earl Jones

Challenger: Barbara Russell

Information: 410-730-4610

Owen Brown (no election)

Incumbent: Pearl Atkinson-Stewart

Challenger: none

Information: 410-381-0202

Town Center (open seat)

Dennis Lane

Donna Rice

Suzanne Waller

Information: 410-730-4744

Wilde Lake

Incumbent: Vince Marando

Challenger: none

Information: 410-730-3987

Elections will be held Friday and Saturday. Voting regulations vary by village.

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