Keys schedule


April 6--at Wilmington; 7--at Wilmington; 8--at Wilmington; 9--at Wilmington; 10--Kinston; 11--Kinston; 12--Kinston; 13--Winston Salem; 14--Winston Salem; 15--Winston Salem; 16--Winston Salem; 17--at Kinston; 18--at Kinston; 19--at Kinston; 20--at Myrtle Beach; 21--at Myrtle Beach; 22--at Myrtle Beach; 23--at Myrtle Beach; 24--Potomac; 25--Potomac; 26--Potomac; 27--Potomac; 28--Lynchburg; 29--Lynchburg; 30--Lynchburg.

May 2--at Potomac; 3--at Potomac; 4--at Potomac; 5--at Lynchburg; 6--at Lynchburg; 7--at Lynchburg; 8--Wilmington; 9--Wilmington; 10--Wilmington; 12--at Salem; 13--at Salem; 14--at Salem; 15--at Winston Salem; 16--at Winston Salem; 17--at Winston Salem; 18--Myrtle Beach; 19--Myrtle Beach; 20--Myrtle Beach; 21--Myrtle Beach; 22--Salem; 23--Salem; 24--Salem; 26--at Wilmington; 27--at Wilmington; 28--at Wilmington; 29--at Lynchburg; 30--at Lynchburg; 31--at Lynchburg.

June 1--Kinston; 2--Kinston; 3--Kinston; 4--Kinston; 5--Myrtle Beach; 6--Myrtle Beach; 7--Myrtle Beach; 9--at Kinston; 10--at Kinston; 11--at Kinston; 12--at Kinston; 13--at Myrtle Beach; 14--at Myrtle Beach; 15--Lynchburg; 16--Lynchburg; 17--Lynchburg; 18--Lynchburg; 22--at Salem; 23--at Salem; 24--at Salem; 25--at Salem; 26--at Potomac; 27--at Potomac; 28--at Potomac; 30--Winston Salem.

July 1--W.-Salem; 2--W.-Salem; 3--Salem; 4--Salem; 5--Salem; 6--at W.-Salem; 7--at W.-Salem; 8--at W.-Salem; 9--at W.-Salem; 11--Potomac; 12--Potomac; 13--Potomac; 14--Wilm.; 15--Wilm.; 16--Wilm.; 17--at Kinston; 18--at Kinston; 19--at Kinston; 20--at My. Beach; 21--at My. Beach; 22--at My. Beach; 23--at My. Beach; 24--Lynch.; 25--Lynch.; 26--Lynch.; 27--Wilm.; 28--Wilm.; 29--Wilm.; 30--Wilm.

August 1--at Salem; 2--at Salem; 3--at Salem; 4--Kinston; 5--Kinston; 6--Kinston; 8--My. Beach; 9--My. Beach; 10--My. Beach; 11--at Potomac; 12--at Potomac; 13--at Potomac; 14--at Potomac; 15--at W.-Salem; 16--at W.-Salem; 17--at W.-Salem; 18--Potomac; 19--Potomac; 20--Potomac; 21--Salem; 22--Salem; 23--Salem; 24--Salem; 25--W.-Salem; 26--W.-Salem; 27--W.-Salem; 28--at Wilm.; 29--at Wilm.; 30--at Wilm.; 31--at Lynchburg.

September 1--at Lynchburg; 2--at Lynchburg; 3--at Lynchburg; 5--Carolina League playoffs begin.

Pub Date: 4/06/00

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