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Two youths suspected of threatening classmates; Message posted on Web detailed a beating plot


Two 13-year-old boys at Chesapeake Bay Middle School -- members of a group that called themselves the "Chesapeake Homicide Posse" -- are suspected of posting a beating threat against six other pupils on the Internet, county police said yesterday.

One of the boys has been arrested, and the other is expected to be charged this week, police said.

A teacher saw the letter, which targeted six pupils, on an Internet bulletin board Tuesday morning and contacted the school principal, who notified police.

A handful of purported "posse" members were questioned by detectives, and investigators determined that two were responsible for authoring and posting the message, said Lt. Jeffrey A. Kelly, a county police spokesman.

The pupils didn't plan to make good on their "homicide posse" name, police said, but Kelly noted: "Obviously, we take this kind of thing very seriously. There's no way those students could not have realized this is serious, with all the talk about school violence."

Kelly said the targets of the beatings were pupils who listen to rap music, wear nice clothing and have attitudes of superiority.

The teens were threatening to beat the six pupils but also had mentioned a shooting, Kelly said.

The Pasadena boy who was arrested has been charged as a juvenile with disturbing school operations and conspiracy to disturb school operations and was released to parental custody, Kelly said.

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