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Visit these Web sites to find the answers, then go to detectives/

* What plants grow in the sub-alpine region?

* What Learning Planet game features Mr. Elephant?

* How old are most bear cubs when they leave their mothers?


The wilds of Alaska are home to some of the most beautiful plants and animals in the world, including the awe-inspiring grizzly bear. At Showdown at Grizzly River, you'll enjoy the adventures of a bear cub and his elders living at the majestic McNeil River Falls. Head due north to nature/grizzlies/. You will meet Toughie, a cub who must overcome many challenges to make it to adulthood and Woofie, who spends his summers stealing salmon from his fellow bears.


Like games? Whether you're into crossword puzzles or memory games, you'll love the activities at the Learning Planet. Get ready to put your noodle into high gear at This site is loaded with interactive goodies for all ages. Rocket scientists will love Spacey Math, where players have to stop an alien invasion. Put your skills in math to good use and save the world. Or help the site's resident sleuth, Detective N. A. Shell, find the hidden words at Word Search.


Smell the flowers at tqjunior. It's a great way to learn about how plants grow, how bees gather nectar, and how flowers survive in a frozen tundra. Dig the plant science, but you've got to stop and smell the roses in life, too, right? Why not start with the Alaskan Prickly Rose, also known as the "Itchy Bottom Plant."

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