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March 23Regents Estates Inc., 213 St. Paul...


March 23

Regents Estates Inc., 213 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, filed under Chapter 11. Principal: Arnold Hawkins, president. Assets and liabilities are over $100,000,000 each.

Kai Ruchell Lee, 3000 Tiffany Trail, Abingdon, a cleaning services operator, filed under Chapter 7. Assets: $168,810; liabilities: $187,190.20

March 24

Ronald Lee & Diane Gayle Goodchild, 60 Cat Swamp Road, Elkton, and t/a R. G. Trucking, jointly filed under Chapter 7. Assets: $206,621; liabilities: $368,592.34

March 27

Frank's Transport Service Inc., 1212 Cox Neck Road, Chester, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: Frank W. Ruppert III, president. Assets: $750; liabilities: 138,763.02

March 28

Dwight A. Pearman, 8255 Streamwood Drive, Pikesville, a self-employed individual, filed under Chapter 13. Assets: $369,100; liabilities: $145,681

March 29

Stevensville Saw Co. Inc., 205 Love Point Road, Stevensville, filed under Chapter 7. Principal: William C. Allen, president. Assets: $24,925.88; liabilities: $176,613.05


a.k.a.: also known as; c/o: care of; d/b/a: doing business as; t/a: trading as; n/a: not available; H/C: Holding Company; LLC: Limited Liability Company; L/P: Limited Partnership; J/V: Joint Venture; P/A: Professional Association; P/C: Professional Corporation

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