Outdoors: It's outstandingWhat a refreshing change Candus...


Outdoors: It's outstanding

What a refreshing change Candus Thomson has brought to The Sun's outdoors coverage. She seems to have a real concern for the outdoors person and Maryland's changing seasons.

I really look forward to reading that column now. She's the best since Left Kreh retired.

Keep up the good work.

Bill Hanna, Whiteford

Terps lacrosse overlooked

For years, the University of Maryland has been battling the perception among many in the state that it is an educational institution more oriented toward Washington, D.C., than toward Baltimore. Unfortunately, I feel this perception is often perpetuated on the sports pages of The Sun.

For example, on page 1 of the sports section on March 26, a four-column headline and article is featured touting the loss of the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team to Virginia. This is accompanied by a three-column photo and a caption of the Towson lacrosse team's loss to Syracuse. The one-column article on Maryland's win over North Carolina is relegated to page 13, where a two-column article on the Towson game -- along with a three-column photo -- is featured.

I do not mean to suggest that Hopkins, Towson or any of the metro-area schools should be slighted in favor of Maryland. I am a graduate of both Maryland and Hopkins and take pride in the area schools' accomplishments. I just feel the major newspaper in our state has a responsibility to provide balanced sports coverage for its readers that equally includes the major state university.

Dick Birkmeyer, Catonsville

Lacrosse teams slighted

The Sun's coverage, or rather lack thereof, of any college lacrosse teams other than Johns Hopkins seems purposefully prejudicial, or whatever other adjective describing partiality toward Hopkins is appropriate.

Last season, Loyola College was ranked No. 1 for virtually the entire season, having beaten Hopkins soundly at the start of the season. Despite that ranking, The Sun consistently gave front-page sports coverage to Hopkins, with brief, if any, coverage of Loyola or other teams on the inside pages.

This year, The Sun publishes its own rankings of the college teams, as it has in past years, but doesn't publish the coaches' poll as in past years. Is Hopkins ranked that much lower by the coaches?

This season, even The Sun poll ranks Loyola higher than Hopkins, but as in past years, Hopkins gets the coverage with little or nothing given to the Greyhounds.

It's time to give at least equal coverage to other and better programs.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Timonium

O's rotation a bad joke?

According to published reports in The Sun, the Orioles will open this season with the following starting rotation (1999 stats noted):

Mike Mussina (18-7, 3.50 ERA); Sidney Ponson (12-12, 4.71); Pat Rapp (6-7, 4.12); Calvin Maduro (11-11, 3.99 in minors), and Jose Mercedes (5-9, 3.70 in minors).

Please tell me this is a bad April Fools' joke.

Mel Tansill, Catonsville

Steadman wrong on Angelos

I have always admired John Steadman, but after reading his March 26 column on Peter Angelos, I may have to rethink that position.

Steadman's column was, essentially, a press release saying how we owe Angelos a debt of gratitude for all he has done.

I won't begin to address the business issues. I would rather focus on the thing most important to most Baltimore fans -- the Orioles.

I have watched Angelos systematically destroy the legacy of a great team. We no longer have something called "The Oriole Way." All we have is a collection of players whose best years are behind them.

I have lived my life as an Orioles fan, but every season I now pray that the team falls apart completely, hoping against hope that our own George Steinbrenner will learn the error of his ways and let real baseball people run the team.

My message to John Steadman: Sorry, John, I don't want to read another press release about what a great guy Angelos is. His ego is destroying the Orioles' heritage.

My message to Angelos: Get out of town.

Dan Gainor, Bethesda

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