Michigan State (30-7) vs. Wisconsin (22-13); Final 4 Factors; NCAA Men's Tournament


Michigan State

1. Stress patience on shot selection. Knocking down first shots will be at a premium against Wisconsin, which prides itself on shortening games.

2. Get Morris Peterson involved early. The Spartans' leading scorer admits being distracted after attending his grandmother's funeral two days ago.

3. Shake its overconfidence. State has beaten Wisconsin three times, and maintaining an edge may be the toughest obstacle.

4. Step on the accelerator. The Spartans enjoy life in the fast lane, and running eliminates breaking down the Badgers' pesky half-court harassment.


1. Pray for an off-game by Michigan State. If the spartans attack with their 'A' game, the Badgers simply can't match their athletes.

2. Discover a way to score. Wisconsin has only scratched out 51 baskets in three games against the Spartans.

3. Disrupt Mateen Cleaves. The Badgers have only forced the State point guard into eight turnovers over 100 minutes.

4. Take a deep breath. Wisconsin hasn't been in a game of this magnitude since, well, close to never. Tightness may be all the Badgers can control.

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