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Senate OKs bill to jail an aggressive...


Senate OKs bill to jail an aggressive driver for causing a death

Aggressive drivers who cause a death in a motor vehicle accident could be sent to jail under a bill approved by the state Senate last night.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Jean W. Roesser, a Montgomery County Republican, would create the charge of homicide by aggressive driving. It would apply to a driver who commits two major traffic offenses in the course of an accident that takes a life. Those convicted would face a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Drivers who cause fatal accidents often do not go to jail because it can be difficult to sustain a charge of manslaughter, prosecutors say. A version of the bill cleared a House of Delegates committee last week.

Bill would prevent stopping former wife's remarriage

The Senate approved a bill last night that is designed to prevent Orthodox Jewish men from prohibiting their divorced wives from remarrying.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Barbara A. Hoffman, a Baltimore Democrat, would allow a couple to get a civil divorce only after the husband has granted the wife the necessary Jewish decree to allow her to remarry.

The measure faces an uncertain future in the House Judiciary Committee, which has rejected similar legislation in the past.

House panel rejects measure to abolish prosecutor's office

A House committee has rejected a bill that would have abolished the state prosecutor's office.

The office has come under scrutiny after its unsuccessful prosecution last year of former Sen. Larry Young and its handling of the illegal wiretapping case against Linda Tripp.

The House Judiciary Committee decided to keep the prosecutor's office in place, defeating a measure sponsored by Dels. Michael R. Gordon, a Montgomery County Democrat, and A. Wade Kach, a Baltimore County Republican.

In Annapolis

Today's highlights:

Senate meets, 10 a.m., Senate chamber.

House of Delegates meets, 10 a.m., House chamber.

Judicial Proceedings Committee hearing on SB 429 to ban certain late-term abortions, 1 p.m., Senate office building, Room 300.

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