Leaping to make most of extra day


BECAUSE 2000 is a leap year, we receive an extra day on Feb. 29.

And although today might not be your day off, here are suggestions for any bonus day:

Take money and food to any soup kitchen. Our Daily Bread, 411 Cathedral St. serves more than 1,100 hungry men, women and children 365 days a year.

Enjoy an hour in the Peabody Library, a local treasure we often overlook.

Hop on the 6: 38 a.m. northbound Metroliner, enjoy breakfast over the Susquehanna River, arrive in Wilmington at 7: 23. Cross the platform, board a southbound train at 7: 46 and arrive in Baltimore at 8: 31 -- in time for work!

Send a check -- any size -- to the Fuel Fund of Central Maryland (11 E. Chase St., Baltimore 21202.) With skyrocketing heating oil prices, many people are suffering.

Take the light rail train from one end of the line to the other.

As for me, I'll re-read some of my father's memoirs, ("Son, if you speculate, you'll go broke."), watch "Columbo" reruns, replay Victor Borge videotapes and from BWI's observation gallery, watch jetliners take off and land.

Let's hope that before the next Feb. 29, people start to say, "Thank you for your business," "I'll be with you in a minute" and "This is Doctor Getwell speaking" instead of "Press 1, Press 2, or Press 4 for further options."

Enjoy the extra day. This is no dress rehearsal!

Julius Westheimer writes the Ticker column for The Sun.

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