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Bounds finalist for post in Mich.; School board member says he is seeking superintendent job; 'I didn't pick timing'; Woodbine attorney had applied for other positions across U.S.


Stephen C. Bounds, a 44-year-old Woodbine attorney in his last year of a six-year term on the Howard County school board, confirmed last night that he is a finalist for the school superintendent's job in Lansing, Mich.

Bounds is the only incumbent up for re-election in the county's March 7 school board primary.

He said that he was a "semifinalist" for the job in Lansing, which has a school system of some 19,000 students.

School officials in Lansing, Bounds said, will be interviewing candidates March 6, 7 and 8 before narrowing the field to two or three hopefuls.

Bounds said he was not recruited for the position but forwarded his interest and resume several weeks ago after learning of the vacancy. He acknowledged submitting several applications for superintendent jobs around the country but would not say where.

"This isn't the best timing in the world, but I didn't pick the timing. And when someone asked me to come, I wasn't going to say no," said Bounds. "I am a long shot, nontraditional candidate competing with five traditional candidates I'm not a financial specialist or curriculum specialist."

He is, however, passionate about education -- "My heart is in education," he said -- and began thinking that he was superintendent material about a year or so ago when a local school official praised his educational acumen.

Bounds, the father of three, was vice chairman of the Howard County school board last year and was chairman in 1998.

He said that if he doesn't land a superintendent's job this year, he will wait several more years -- until his son has graduated from high school -- before agreeing to take one.

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