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Move desktop background on a floppy disk; Help Line


How can I transfer someone's desktop background to my computer desktop background?

Your short question requires a longish answer, but you'll soon be able to dress up your desktop with an endless variety of images.

You can use a floppy disk to move the picture on somebody else's PC desktop onto your machine. First, find the picture. With the cursor on the desktop of your friend's machine, right-click the mouse and choose Properties. A box will come up with the name of whatever file is being used as the background picture highlighted.

Click on Start and then Find File/Folder and type in the name of the file.

This will call up the icon for the picture. If you right-click on that icon, the box that appears will include the Send To command. It will let you copy the picture to a floppy disk. Put that floppy in your machine's drive and move the picture onto your desktop.

Once you have the picture file on your PC, you reverse the process. Drag the icon for your new picture to the My Documents folder on the desktop of your PC.

Finally, right-click again on the desktop and pick the browse button on the display you get. This will let you click on a tiny icon shaped like a desk blotter for your desktop, then on the My Documents folder and finally on the picture icon.

Click the box called Apply on that last display and the photo will become your desktop display.

I downloaded Zip files from the Internet but I couldn't read them after opening them with Microsoft Word. Any suggestions?

Highly compressed Zip files are designed to minimize the size of documents, graphics or sounds so they can be moved as quickly among computers. Software is needed to extract word processing documents and such from files with the .zip extension.

Point your browser to www. for the best Windows software for this. While Winzip is offered as shareware that obligates heavy users to pay $29, casual users can download an evaluation copy and unzip an occasional file.

An author came to our publishing house with a 400-page novel stored on an Atari disk. I would like to know how to transfer it to a Windows 95 computer.

It isn't going to be easy. The Atari computers of the early '80s are rare as hens' teeth these days, so most Atari nuts run Atari software on Macintosh computers using a free software program, called an emulator, that's available at

You then need to save the novel as text files on Mac-formatted floppy disks and feed all 400 pages into your conventional Windows PC.

If the author has a hard copy of the work, it would be far easier to invest in a $200 scanner like the Visioneer One Touch 8100 and scan the words into Windows.

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