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Joe Wolfson, 50, a surfing pioneer nicknamed...


Joe Wolfson, 50, a surfing pioneer nicknamed "Dr. 360" for becoming the first to spin on a wave, died in a car accident Monday in Los Angeles. Mr. Wolfson learned in 1998 that he had an inoperable tumor in his esophagus and right lung. Two months later, he took sleeping pills and paddled out to sea in a suicide attempt.

He was rescued and changed his outlook on life, seeking chemotherapy and alternative treatments and resuming his passion. His story became the subject of numerous newspaper and television reports.

Donald Tecumseh "Tee" Carson, 70, a former pianist who filled the chair once occupied by jazz legend Count Basie, died Feb. 13 in Austin, Texas.

Gilbert Jones,66, a former leader of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation whose defiance of federal agents helped give rise to Arizona's Indian casinos, died Monday in the Indian community. His persistence paved the way for reservation gaming for about 15 of Arizona's 21 tribes, some of whom own more than one casino.

Roland G. Schembari, 56, co-founder of the San Francisco Bay Times and a pioneer of gay publishing in the San Francisco Bay area, died in Oakland, Calif., on Monday of cancer. The Bay Times, which debuted in 1978, was one of the nation's first publications aimed at and produced by gay men.

T. H. Watkins, 63, a widely published history and conservation writer, died in Bozeman, Mont., on Wednesday of cancer. He was a distinguished professor of Western American studies at Montana State University and wrote more than 20 books.

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