Department of Amplification


In a column on this page on Jan. 23, Michael Pakenham wrote that "In the first more than 60 years of the life of the New Yorker," its first two editors "had forbidden anthologies of the work published there" -- an assertion made in several books about the magazine. Gerald J. Gross of Lutherville, a treasured Sun reader, wrote to report that "The New Yorker Book of War Pieces" was published in 1947 by Reynal & Hitchcock, a New York publishing house for which Mr. Gross worked. "I can still recall my meetings with William Shawn to discuss content and format," Mr. Gross wrote us. The Library of Congress Online Catalog indicates that collection was reprinted by Schocken Books in 1989, though it is currently out of print. Neither that catalog nor any other that The Sun has located, reports any other such anthologies in the Harold Ross/ William Shawn era.

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