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Goulds give Glenelg Country a telescope


STUDENTS AT Glenelg Country School soon will be able to take a close look at stars and other celestial wonders.

Thanks to a gift from the Gould family, the school is the owner of one of the most powerful telescopes in Maryland.

Plans have been made to use the telescope as the focal point for a comprehensive astronomy curriculum from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The telescope was presented Saturday during a Chinese New Year celebration at the school. The crowd of 175 people included current and former faculty, trustees, headmasters and founders of the school -- people who had played a major role in the growth of the school during its 46-year history.

Prominent were Kingdon Gould Jr., one of the school's founders and president of the board of trustees, and his wife, Mary Thorne Gould. Their children -- Caleb, Thorne and Kingdon III -- presented the telescope in honor of their parents.

After a reception featuring Chinese delicacies, headmaster Ryland O. Chapman III greeted the guests and thanked them for their efforts for the school.

Caleb Gould directed all eyes toward the stage of the Mulitz Theater. The curtains parted to reveal stars projected on a midnight-blue background with the telescope in the center of the stage, illuminated by spotlights.

The Gould parents had not known about the gift. They were surprised and overwhelmed that their children chose to honor them in this way, said Nancy Szlasa, the school's director of communications.

The telescope, made by Astro-Physics, is a 155 mm refractor that uses lenses encased in a 6-foot tube. Refracting telescopes provide high resolution and magnification, and are smaller than reflecting telescopes, which use mirrors.

"This is a highly prized research-grade telescope," said Ray Broderick, chairman of the science department. "It really puts the science department out in the public eye."

Chapman thanked the family for the "telescope and the intellectual opportunities which it will open to generations of GCS students."

A small observatory will be constructed to house the telescope. The building should be completed during the 2000-2001 school year.

Also attending the celebration were Glenelg Country School founders Frances Mason and William Shippen and former headmasters Charles H. Miller Jr. and Frederick Rhinelander.

Judy Reese, director of development, worked with the Gould family to coordinate the gift of the telescope and make plans for the observatory.

Snow notes

The weather has disrupted plans of a number of organizations, causing cancellations and postponements of meetings and events.

But it didn't stop Jenna Starr, 17, president of the Happy Hounds 4-H Club.

When a planning meeting was canceled and attempts to reschedule it failed, Jenna jumped into action. She set up shop near the telephone and called each of the other officers. After many calls, Jenna put together a full agenda for the year.

"It took a lot of time for Jenna to do this, but she got the job done," said Sandy Melichar, parent leader.

Residents of Cattail Woods in Glenwood are saying "Thank you" to neighbors for clearing snow off many of their driveways.

Dan Coon and Lucy Renehan used lawn tractors with snow-blade attachments to help neighbors on Cattail Woods Lane.

Also in Cattail Woods, Rich Ragali and Scott Hyer used their tractors to create sledding trails on one of the sloping vacant lots.

"I always thought it had potential to be the neighborhood sledding slope," Hyer said.

Thanks for the help

Triumph Health and Fitness Center, organizer of monthly middle school dances at Circle D Farm in Glenwood, is appreciative of the efforts of chaperons at last month's dance.

Thanks go to Kathy Black, Robin Bender, Jenny Perry, Lynn Mayo, Bill DeMarco, Janet Braun, Gary Cullison, Alma Wickendon and Dave Kain.

The next dance will be 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Feb. 25.

Information: 410-489-2901.

Dayton 4-H officers

Stephanie Simmens, the new reporter for the Dayton 4-H Club, has announced officers for 2000.

They are: Darla Bouma, president; Anna Schlict, vice president; George Boarman, treasurer; Laura Pabst, secretary; Katherine Robinson, corresponding secretary; and Nick Betz and Matt Biegle, historians.

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