Paging firm suspends its deal with Lewis


Ray Lewis' paid endorsement arrangement with a paging company has been put on hold as the company awaits the outcome of his murder charges in Atlanta.

"We wish him the best and we hope justice is served, but we're disappointed the incident ever occurred," said Frank Lynch, chief operating officer of TSR Wireless, a Fort Lee, N.J.-based seller of pagers and paging services.

Lewis has been among a handful of athletes the firm has used over the past year to appear at new store openings around the country. The company has suspended use of Lewis pending the outcome of the investigation in Atlanta, where Lewis is being held without bail, charged in connection with the stabbing deaths of two men outside a bar after the Super Bowl.

Lynch said he is making no assumptions about Lewis' guilt or innocence, and points out that the company is reducing its use of athletic endorsers anyway this year as part of a predetermined marketing strategy.

"We use wholesome athletes to endorse our stores. Ray never had any problems until this so obviously, pending the outcome of his trial, we're not going to use him," Lynch said.

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