Pay of Manchester mayor, members of council to rise after next election


The Manchester Town Council adopted last night a revised town code that includes salary increases for the mayor and council members.

The mayor of Manchester is among the lowest paid in Carroll County.

The change will quadruple the mayor's salary after the next election and will more than double Town Council members' pay.

The changes, introduced at last month's council meeting, also include:

A provision for filling mayoral or council vacancies by appointment.

Establishing authority for a runoff election within two weeks in the event of a tie vote for a town office.

Setting no-parking rules for town streets during snow emergencies.

Moving the due date for property tax payments to correspond with the county schedule.

The mayor's salary will increase to $4,800 from $1,200 and council members' to $1,200 from $500 after elections in May 2001 and in May 2003, when Mayor Christopher D'Amario's term expires.

Manchester ranks sixth among Carroll County's eight incorporated municipalities, with a population of about 3,200.

In New Windsor, with about 1,200 residents, Mayor Jack Gullo is paid $1,200 a year, and council members receive $30 per meeting.

The provision for runoff elections was spurred by an election in New Windsor in May that resulted in a tie vote for a council seat.

That was the first time that had happened in the town's 155-year history.

Manchester will hold a special election within two weeks in the event of a tie.

Special elections cost about $500 for a mail ballot, less if they are conducted at the Town Hall, officials said.

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