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State should use competitive biddingYour editorial on...


State should use competitive bidding

Your editorial on Anne Arundel County county school repairs ("School repairs must take center stage," Jan. 30) suggests that "County officials also must seriously discuss whether the current tax cap is limiting the county's ability to fix its schools."

No one denies that maintaining the brick and mortar of Maryland schools is a very important and necessary expense to the state and all subdivisions.

Acquiring the funds and spending them wisely requires wise administration to make the best use of public funds.

Therefore, before suggesting that perhaps more tax dollars be taken from citizens, The Sun should question Governor Parris Glendening's declaration that school repairs and construction will be done strictly with union contractors.

As a taxpayer, I feel it is criminal not to use open and competitive bidding with all contractors in order to utilize my tax dollars most effectively.

I further resent the blatant attempt by the governor to spend my tax money on higher wages of union workers just to funnel funds back into union leaders' coffers so it can flow back into political campaigns for unscrupulous politicians like Mr. Glendening.

Paul H. Leamer


State should honor tobacco settlement

Have we no honor? Is this a sample of new millennium age morality?

Granted, computer age thinking has little regard for our fathers' ime. Back when deals were made by handshake, and be it good or bad, a person'sword was their bond.

Granted as well, anti smoking legislators who have never paid a quarter in cigarette tax into sate coffers will decide where tobacco settlement money goes. And granted, present leadership tends toward a used car salesman mentality of, "I didn't mean what I agreed to when we made the deal, and I signed my name."

But please, afford us some small semblance of respect. Shame the people of this state no farther, because the guy from Highlandtown put the boots to you. If not for we who put you in office, then for letter of the law.

To proffer "after the fact" that contractual percentage agreements between the state and Peter Angelos were improper borders on moral sickness. Overpayment? Get real! Poll the citizenry. You'll find most think legislators are overpaid as well.

Obviously, had Mr. Angelos been governor, state citizens would have gotten better representation. So, why not set an example? How about it guys? Wanna give some of yours back?

Jack DeVaughn

Severna Park

A different way to spend state surplus

May I make a suggestion to Gov. Parris Glendenning as to where he can allocate some of the State's surplus funds?

I am a volunteer at the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference and Visitors Bureau and we get hundreds of letters from children who are doing a school report on Maryland.

They are requesting information on our state and when I first started working here, the state provided us with an excerpt from the World Book and several other brochures to send these children.

About four years ago, the state discontinued doing this and came out with a publication called "Composition Book," which contained some information on the state and we prepared additional facts to send them.

Then last year, we received Xerox copies of the "Composition Book" which meant no colors on the State Flag, the State Bird, etc. In fact every time a child from out of state writes, I am ashamed to furnish this as an example of the state that wants to be known as one whose emphasis is on education.

Hopefully Mr. Glendening can provide funding for a better example of what the state whose emphasis is on education can send children from other states.

Evelyn Stokes


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