Sales, not profits, best barometer of growth


"WHOSE BUSINESS is growing fastest?" asks Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine. "For the answer, look at sales, not profits." The article favors these stocks: Chemdex Corp., eToys Inc., North Point Communications, Allegiance Telecom Inc., Covad Communications Group and

"The bull is such a well-known symbol of a rising stock market that there's even a statue of a bull outside the New York Stock Exchange. When they pass by, many people rub the bull for good luck." (Young Money Matters)

WALL STREET WATCH: "I'm optimistic, yet cautious because the economy and the market are growing too fast. The Dow will finish the year at 12,600." (Elaine Garzarelli, money manager)

"I'm very bullish and believe the Dow will end the year around 13,000 because of strong consumer and business investments." (Peter Canelo, investment strategist)

"Don't try too hard to find logic in today's market. In a bubble, valuation no longer matters." (InvesTech Letter)

In Wednesday's Ticker we mistakenly transposed a word. The sentence should read, "About 75 percent of stocks that split outperform the market significantly."

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