Mother passes the hat; Candid Closet: Linda D. Turner learned to love accessories from her stylish mom.


Linda D. Turner learned to love hats, handbags and smart costume jewelry sets from her stylish mother.

As a child, she remembers admiring a certain photograph: "My mother had on this dress from the 1940s. She was wearing beads, the earrings to match and a hat. She was standing in the walkway of our home. It was just beautiful," Turner says.

About five years ago, Turner, 40, began scouring Baltimore vintage stores for those old accessories. She has accumulated a fair-sized collection for a pittance. When the Baltimore resident, who runs a property management company with her husband and is an aspiring fashion consultant, has the opportunity, she displays her wide brims, faceted glass beads and paisley purses for all to admire -- and remember.

Where have you scored some great finds?

The Village Thrift Shop, which is on West Belvedere in the Park Heights neighborhood and is unlisted. I found three big, wide-brimmed hats in beige, black and green. I just love them.

Do you wear these hats or keep them for display?

I don't wear them, except one, a black velvet hat with a mesh gold band around it and two leather bows on the front. I hope one of these days to own my own boutique and have my hats on display.

Where have you displayed them?

Once, the Park Heights community had a "Remember the Good Old Days" celebration in the Parks Sausage parking lot. I had my hats and paisley pocketbooks out and people stopped at my table all day long. I also bring them for presentations for my company, Positively You, Inc.

Does your mother still wear hats?

She wears them all the time. My mother wears hats very well. Although she's 78, she looks 55.

Do you dress in a retro way?

Actually I have purchased fabric and patterns and hope that the lady who works in the Tiny Tailor's Shop on Read Street will make me one or two dresses. The patterns are for 1940s-style dresses with slit pockets and covered buttons. They are gorgeous. But usually I dress in a more classic, conservative style with a little touch of old.

What other vintage stores do you frequent?

Deja New and Just About Perfect, both on Reisterstown Road.

What else do you wear that's vintage?

I have a beautiful champagne-colored sweater with glass buttons and appliques in the shape of butterflies. Within those are sequins that kind of glitter.

Where else do you shop?

Hecht's at Security Mall and a few of those inexpensive shops. I like to show people how they can get things for less.

What is your basic advice for clients?

Just work with what you have. One scarf can be worn around the neck, as a head band or serve as a belt. You can use one thing three or four different ways.

How do you demonstrate your fashion philosophy in front of an audience?

I change my clothes right in front of the audience! I may have a tank top on underneath my blouse, or I'll put on different color jackets.

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