Fox and Drudge may part ways


Fox News Channel and Matt Drudge are close to parting ways.

After Drudge failed to do his Saturday show, "Drudge," crying censorship because Fox wouldn't let him use a picture of a fetus undergoing surgery to correct spina bifida, Fox gave Drudge an ultimatum: apologize and be let out of his contract, or be fired and sued for breach of contract.

As of yesterday afternoon, Fox sources said it looked like the parting was going to be worked out amicably but cautioned that no agreement had been finalized.

Asked if he would apologize, Drudge said only: "I'm honoring my promise to work on an amicable mutual separation."

Fox officials objected to the fetus photo because they said Drudge wanted to use it as a jumping-off point to talk about abortion, to which he is opposed. Drudge says he had no plans to misrepresent the photo.

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